Masterful, brilliant and exceptionally distinguishable…PAJAM, a music production and entertainment company famous for their out-of-the-box style of music and management.  The men spear heading this company are undoubtedly creative and a force to be reckoned with.  They are Paul "pda" Allen and J. Moss.  Together, these men have added their own unique genius to PAJAM which has resulted in a signature sound that has raised the bar in the music industry.


PDA, the visionary behind the company, is responsible for the realization of this vision.  His extensive musical background in playing, songwriting, engineering and mixing catapulted him to great places in which he had the opportunity to work with great celebrities such as, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Anita Baker, Rachelle Farrell, Patti LaBelle, 98°, the Winans, the Clark Sisters, Oleta Adams, the Four Tops, Aaliyah, Tyrese and a host of many others.  His incredible talent also afforded him the opportunity to work with notables such as, Quincy Jones, Mario Winans, L.A. Reid, Babyface and many others.  He had exhausted his gifts in the areas of playing, songwriting, engineering and mixing therefore, his next step was to begin a company that would continue to dispense his passion for music.


J. Moss, a childhood friend of PDA shared his passion and love for music.  J. Moss, coming from a highly impressive pedigree as the nephew of Gospel's legendary Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, cousin of her daughters, the inimitable Clark sisters, and son of Bill Moss, Sr., founder and leader of popular '70s Gospel act Bill Moss & the Celestials.  Singing by the age of four, music was the focal point of life itself.  J's singing abilities eventually caught the attention of PAJAM and they signed him as their first artist and garnered him his first record deal with Island/Def Jam Record. This experience prompted J. Moss to reach another level of his creative ability therefore he began mastering his writing skills which made him the perfect artist and new partner for PAJAM.  Now that the elements were complete, this company was ready to break musical barriers that resulted in them becoming the third most sought after music production team (Billboard Magazine, 2001.)


PAJAM began maturing and it was obviously their season to make a lasting impression on the music and entertainment industry.  Many have tried to figure out whether or not PAJAM is an acronym, but it is not.  PAJAM has taken on a meaning of it's own.  Those who have had the PAJAM encounter would agree that it is a vibe of musically constructed elements of tradition and hip-hop, R&B and jazz as well as pop and funk.  These tightly woven elements produce a melodious vocal extravaganza that leaves the listener with not only a sound, but also an experience.  Whenever an artist has had the opportunity to work with PAJAM they are confident of receiving nothing but the best… this is why they call it the "PAJAM Insurance."  In their first year alone at least seven albums had the "PAJAM insurance."  Since that time, their numbers greatly increased as they are one of the few production companies that write 100% of their music.  Their amazing versatility has granted them opportunity to produce and songwrite for musical greats Destiny's Child, N'Sync, Dru Hill, Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, Michelle Williams, Kelly Price, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Karen Clark-Sheard, Hezekiah Walker, the Christianaires, the Mighty Clouds of Joys, Trinitee 5:7, Virtue and a host of many others.  Their creativeness has also placed them in the arena to produce music for commercials (Chrysler, Kmart, etc.), movie soundtracks (Deep Blue Sea, Fighting Temptations, Rush Hour II, etc.); and television series (CSI, Soul Food, etc.) Out of the 80 plus produced and written songs for artists they have worked with, they include:  12 Grammy Award nominations (5 wins), 3 American Music Award nominations (1 win), 5 Soul Train Award nominations (3 wins), 39 Stellar Award nominations (22 wins), 4 Dove Award nominations, BMI Songwriter of the Year Award (Urban Gospel 2003) and 15 first singles.


Their increasing experience in the music and entertainment field garnered them a historical publishing contract with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG.).  Additionally, the popular clothing line, Pelle Pelle, sought after them to be responsible for their entire urban clothing marketing campaign.  This unstoppable trio did not rest and become content with significant accomplishments.  They decided to make PAJAM not only a music company, but also a management company.  Thus, they began developing their own roster of artists which have all been signed to major record labels.  They include, Ramiyah (Sony Music), 21:03 (BMG Music) and the incomparable J. Moss (Jive).  They realized that their new groups would have to undergo extreme development therefore they began the PAJAM Artist Development Training.  This rigorous training is a boot camp only made for those who desire to be successful in the industry.  It includes extensive vocal training, dance training, physical fitness, music education, nutrition, performance training, media interviewing techniques and much more.  It's no surprise that their artist, already poised, caught the attention of major record labels.  In addition, to PAJAM's artist, they also manage a team of producers, engineers, and songwriters. 


PAJAM, at first glance to the average eye would appear to be a small ran company, but when one pulls off the covers PAJAM reveals an ocean of gifts, talents, abilities, and versatility.  In nearly ten years they have accomplished extraordinary feats in becoming well-known throughout the music industry, but in another ten years, they will be well known throughout the world.